INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP: Why not find out by attending our “CV and Interview Tips”?
Workshop and “networking” from 16:30 to 19:00

Data: 30 de maig de 2018 Horari: 16.30h a 19.00h
Durada: 2.30h Preu: 8€ (associat) i 24€ (no associat)
Lloc: Pl. Ramon Berenguer el Gran 1, entr. Barcelona
Inscriu-te a: – Tel. 935513322

Are you looking for a new job? How should your CV be written? What is the appropriate layout for CV? Do you want to improve your answers to skills questions in a job interview? And more...

We are offering a 2 hour interactive workshop focused on:
  • A review of CV structure and layout
  • How to answer difficult questions in a job interview
Albert Fisher, will work with you on these key subjects:
  • Getting the recruiter to read your CV: 1st impressions make the difference
  • A template to follow and to personalize
  • Demonstrate achievements or describe responsibilities?
  • Use the STAR technique with skill
  • 5 questions you are very likely to be asked
  • Recognise the “Golden Nuggets” or “Llavors d’or” in your professional life

On top of this, from 18:30 to 19:00 - We will finish with a 30 minute vermouth to share thoughts and experiences, accompanied by something to drink and a little to nibble.

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25 maig 2018 - Jornada de Videojocs Three Headed Monkey Awards

29 maig 2018 - Sessió informativa del màster en IT Project & Service Management

30 maig 2018 - Fòrum de la comunicació: Crisi del sector audiovisual i propostes de futur

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