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I'm an Engineer - Increasing the value of your engineering project - Marketing for Engineers

Specialist in the promotion and development of the professional business.

Current aims: To Increase the brand value of engineering companies, help promote the sales of products / services engineering and to provoke relations between different professionals.

In life, my interests are sustainability, global innovations, and the engagement & application of technologies in our daily personal and professional life.
Contact me if you want to ...
  • boost your tech product/services sales
  • construct better engagements with your professional colleagues
  • increase the value of your engineering company
  • communicate accurately your technological systems
Dades professionals
Empresa Wit Agency
Adreça P. de Gràcia 41, 4t 2a
Població Barcelona
CP 08007
Teléfon 647874937
Correu electrònic ac@witagency.tech
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17 jul. 2024 - Formació_ IA: ChatGPT i generació de continguts

26 set. 2024 - Celebració de Sant Gabriel

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